Our Certified Grape Seed and Certified Grape Skin are CERTIFIED by an Independent Laboratory for Heavy Metals and Pesticides. We farm using Chemical Free Farming Methods such as manure and not commercial fertilizers. Our Products are not “Certified Organic”. We do not utilize the USDA Agency or any USDA Certifying body as we find our standards much higher and more reliable. EXAMPLE – SPRAYING of PESTICIDES may be allowed at the DOCKS and BORDERS by the USDA and a Certification may still be obtained. Always check product(s) label(s) for “COUNTRY OF ORIGIN” including Animal Products as they may be sprayed with pesticides and should not be Certifiable. Any product(s) claiming a USDA Certification must allow you to see or obtain a copy of that certification before purchase.

Click here for more information about USDA CERTIFICATION FAILURES.