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Two Willows Farm sells Organic Extracts in Capsule, Tinctures, Glycerites, Bulk, and Grape Seed Oil forms. Capsules come in Organic Grape Seed Extract, Organic Grape Skin Extract, Organic White Pine Bark, and Combinations of these three.

Our Tinctures and Glycerites come in Organic Grape Seed, Organic Grape Skin, Organic Grape Leaf, Organic White Pine Bark, Organic White Pine Needle, Organic Red Clover, and Custom Combinations of these.

Organic Grape Seed Oil,White Pine Bark Extract, options include capsule, bulk, tincture, glycerite and bottle.

Organic Grape Seed Extract, Organic Grape Skin Extract, Grape Seed Extract and Grape Skin extract with resveratrol, Organic Grape Leaf Extract, Organic Red Clover, White Pine Bark and White Pine Needles are USA grown on our farm. We distribute Organic Grape Seed Oil in two types of bottles.

Bulk Organic Grape Seed Extract, Bulk Organic Grape Skin Extract, Bulk White Pine Bark, and Bulk Combination Seed, Skin, and Bark, are sold from harvest to harvest until gone. So order early!

We use only dark Red, Blue, Black, or Purple grapes for our Extracts. They are the Best!!!

All Dietary Supplements have NO Fillers, Gluten, Trans Fats, Starch, Salt, Dairy, Wheat, Corn, Soy, Preservatives, Artificial Colors or Flavoring. When checking competitors make sure to look at their capsule size, what fillers they use.

Nutritional Information
Grapes are about 80 percent water but also contain various nutrients, including 270 milligrams of potassium and 25% of the daily value for vitamin C (in a 1-cup serving). Grapes also add fiber to the diet, and some experts believe that other compounds found in some or all varieties of grapes offer additional benefits: Red grapes are rich in quercetin, a newly discovered anti-cancer agent that studies have shown can suppress malignant cells before they form tumors (University of California). The mineral “boron” (found in grapes and grape juice, in addition to raisins and apples) may retard bone loss in women after menopause. Also, boron helps women on estrogen replacement therapy keep the estrogen in their blood longer. Antioxidants in red grapes can help prevent “bad” LDL cholesterol from oxidizing and clogging arteries (University of California at Davis). Grapes with deeper pigments (black, red and purple) are more antioxidnet-rich than green (yellow or white). Also, chemicals in red grapes seem to dilate and relax blood vessels, which may reduce blood pressure and vascular spasms, the triggers of heart attacks.

Grape-seed extract may benefit post-menopausal women by reducing salt-sensitive hypertension (American Physiological Society), and the OPC antioxidants (ogligomeric proanthocyanidins) in grape seed extract any help prevent heart disease and other chronic diseases (State University of New York at Buffalo).


I have ordered the grape seed extract to start with and it looks great. You are doing a really good job there! I have searched high and low for a truly organic grape seed product (I am a medical herbalist) and I only use organic grade products (or therapeutic grade) for all of my treatments. I look forward to receiving it.

(Later) Just to let you know that the grape seed extract powder has arrived safely in Ireland. I know just by the look and feel of it that it is top-dollar organic magic! Keep up the wonderful work you do. I treated a young boy with persistent nosebleeds with your top-dollar grapeseed. All medical orthodox treatments from the doctor had not worked and his mother came to me, as usual, as a last resort. Nosebleeds stopped in a matter of days. Now case of building him up to full strength again. I can say, as I have used other supposed high resveratrol grapeseed in the past, which has not had the right feel to it or the right smell to it, that yours feels so incredibly good (and that is down to its originator – you!). I always assess my herbs that way. Do they have the right energy, the right feeling around them.) People say I am strange, but I believe that the energy around something passes to the recipient and thus heals.)
P. Wolf – Ireland

I think your products are awesome!!
Jodi. K. – USA, IA

I just want to let you know how thankful I am for you and your organic grape seeds! I live in the middle of the desert, far from any stores, so do nearly all my shopping on-line.

The other day I was reminiscing about the days when the Concord grapes were in season for one month on the island where I lived, and I’d spend that month gobbling up a shoebox a day of the things, loving to crunch on the seeds, too. Reminiscing, because I haven’t eaten fruit now for nearly 20 years. But it occurred to me that grape seeds have gotten a helluva lot of attention in these years since I’ve had a grape; maybe someone could possibly be selling organic grape seeds on-line? Hmm, worth a try. Nothing like a perfect, healthful manifestation!

I am so loving these grape seeds (and extract), and was ecstatic that you can actually taste grape on them, did not expect that. Thank you!
Emily F. – USA, AZ